How you can create a better customer experience and get more 5-star reviews

Aug 17, 2020 | Business Functions

Did you know that online reviews influence 93% of consumers’ purchase decisions?  Now more than ever, you’ve got to provide a great customer experience to get great reviews.

How do you create a great customer experience?  The classic quality control teachings of LEAN/Six Sigma can help you do that.  (Added bonus: better processes can also save you time and money and increase revenue). 

To apply the steps of Six Sigma to a small business, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the problem & what you want to achieve. Perhaps the lines are too long at a local restaurant and customers turn around and leave.
  2. Measure the data and effect of the problem.  Check Yelp or your suggestion box, for instance.  What are people saying and suggesting?
  3. Analyze the causes.  Does the line get worse on certain days or certain times of the day?
  4. Address solutions. What changes need to be made?  It is common to jump to this step, but by first assessing the problem as in steps 1-3, you will have better solutions.
  5. Create controls to keep the positive change.  Rearranging the line at the restaurant or adding “eye candy” keeps customers happy.
  6. Continue offering exceptional service and monitoring your results.

If you’ve considered how to use Six Sigma to create a well-oiled machine of a business – and provide exceptional customer service – we suggest checking out the free and easy webinars on

An exceptional customer experience is the lifeblood of a business.  At Executive on the Go, we set up business entities the right way, the first time.  And that is why so many have trusted us with their business matters.  

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