Here’s How To Kick Your Bad Habits and Achieve More

Aug 31, 2020 | Business Functions

Got a habit that is it holding you back from becoming your highest and best?  

The highest-achieving and most successful entrepreneurs are also, generally speaking, successful in life.  After all, building a successful business is a metaphor for building a successful life. 

Habits are automatic mental short-cuts for rewarding ourselves, negatively or positively. James Clear says in his book Atomic Habits, breaking bad habits and creating better habits is a matter of rewiring the brain.  

Clear’s book outlines the “habit loop” as a four-step sequence:

  1. Cue. A cue is a trigger that kicks off the bad habit. A cue indicates a reward is nearby.  When we enter the living room and see the tv remote, we know that R&R is a click away.
  2. Craving. This is the feeling of relief that results when we click the remote and plop onto the sofa.  
  3. Response. This is the easy thought or action that results in a reward. If something is hard to do, we don’t easily do it. Picking up the tv remote is simple – and then we find ourselves mindlessly watching tv. 
  4. Reward. The reward satisfies the craving and shows us what is worth repeating.  After a long day, the relief that comes from relaxing on the sofa watching tv is worth repeating.  

Or is it?!

Clear gives this prescription for breaking bad habits:

  1. Make it invisible. Remove the tv remote so you don’t see it in the living room.
  2. Make it unattractive. Turn the volume up so when you do turn on the tv, the volume is not a relief and does not reward the desire for R&R. 
  3. Make it difficult. By removing the remote (and maybe rearranging the room or removing the tv altogether), make it difficult to associate the habit with the reward.
  4. Make it unsatisfying.  Set the tv to a station that you dislike or that you would not associate with R&R. Make it hard to reward your craving.

This was an overview of breaking bad habits. To learn how to create good habits, pick up the book.  It’s a best-seller and a great read!  

At Executive on the Go, we love hearing your success stories!  And we know that you are serious about being your best as a leader.  Business is indeed a metaphor for successful living. 

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