Freedom Through Boundaries: Three Tips to Protect Your Business

Jun 1, 2021 | Business Functions

I’m usually a confident public speaker. If someone handed me an orange and sent me onstage to talk about it, I could improvise and talk for hours. Unfortunately, my last speaking event went a bit differently. I spent weeks perfecting my speech and got it approved two weeks before the event. I spent every waking moment memorizing, rehearsing, and rerunning the speech in my mind.

Even though I wrote it, memorizing multiple pages word-for-word proved more difficult than simply talking “off the cuff.” The constant anxiety of “What comes next?” “I skipped a word,” and “Do I remember the rest of the speech?” felt more challenging than anything I’ve done before. Yet I knew that these boundaries existed for a reason.

Premeditating my speech allowed me to communicate exactly what I wanted to say in a controlled and articulate way. I don’t think I could have achieved the same results on the fly. I shared my story proficiently and sharply. Even though talking without preparation would have felt more comfortable, this kept me on topic, made my sentences more fluid, and kept me from saying the wrong thing.

All of this reminded me why we structure businesses the way we do. Boundaries guide and prevent you from making mistakes. Like me, most business owners love improvising but struggle once boundaries are put in place. We fail to notice the beauty in the boundaries!

The boundaries operate like a hedge of protection. If you stay within them, they keep you from hazards business owners may face. Staying within the parameters offers you a world of freedom, without the fear of ending up in the red.

This might seem like a challenge at first, but with hard work and practice, your business will practically run itself. You won’t have to think twice about whether or not your business is “crossing the line.”

You might wonder, “How do I know I have the right boundaries?” The answer involves proper business structure. The truth is, too many businesses aren’t structured properly. Let me share my top three tips to keep your business within the boundaries!

  1. Keep All The Receipts

Having a paper trail protects your business and yourself. If you have a solid paper trail to follow and nothing swept under the rug, you’ll be protected against allegations. Keep documentation of anything and everything that passes through your doors. This ensures your business’ security.

  1. Hire Honest People

Every business desperately needs a team of people who know the mission and commit to following it. Make sure to surround yourself with honest and hard working individuals you can count on.

A solid support team forms the foundation for any growing business. It makes a world of difference in the long run. Find people who you can trust to have your back!

  1. Choose the Correct Business Entity

Most business owners unintentionally sabotage themselves from the get go. This can lead to major tax headaches, more paperwork than necessary, and potentially even fines. This impacts your day-to-day business more than you know, and adds unnecessary stress.

Choosing the correct business entity will propel your business forward while protecting your finances. Starting off on the right foot by operating within an official business entity will save you misery in the long run.

I want to help you structure correctly without all the hoops and hassle. I have a system that saves you the headache of figuring it out alone! Click the link here for a FREE consultation.

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