Four Powerful Reasons Why You Need a Mentor

Sep 7, 2020 | Scaling Business

Mentors are an important part of a business leader’s success. In fact, 84% of business leaders said their mentors helped them avoid costly mistakes (source).

Mentors offer valuable insight to enjoy career success. A mentor’s guidance will help you create a new, targeted approach to your existing goals. And you’ll also gain a trusted source to turn to when you need help in the future!

Here’s why having a mentor is essential to your success:

  1. They’ll advance your professional growth. Your mentor will motivate you to learn from their mistakes. They’ll also encourage you to try new strategies that worked for them.
  2. You can bounce ideas off of them. Their trustworthy opinion will help you take on new ideas and tackle challenges effectively..
  3. They’ll guide you to success. Your mentor will push you to set higher goals and expectations for your career.
  4. You’ll discover new opportunities. Your mentor may connect you with new opportunities. This is perfect for expanding your network!

Wondering where to start? Make a short list of people you admire, people who have more experience than you, and people you can trust. Reach out to them and ask to take them out for coffee (or, a virtual coffee date!).

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