Expertise Builds Authority Builds Revenue

Dec 28, 2020 | Admin & Leadership, Business Functions

Authority convinces your clients that you are uniquely qualified to help them overcome their obstacles and solve their problems.

When your clients look to you as an authority, they will flock to you for answers. And they will readily spend money on your services.

How to Grow Your Expertise

To be an authority, you need expertise. Here are a few ways to increase your expertise:

  • Build your confidence. Your ability to lead starts with looking inward. Dedicate time each day to improve your mindset. You can do this!
  • Read more books. Did you know that reading three books constitutes expertise? According to the ‘3 Book Rule’ idea, after reading three books on a certain topic you can be considered an expert for those who know very little about the topic.
  • Complete certifications. Certifications will distinguish you in your space. There are many online courses you can use to your advantage!

Another great way to build authority is to be involved with different organizations and media. Local chambers and national trade associations and podcasters are constantly looking for leaders to provide valuable information to their members and followers.

Building Authority Brings Reward

At Executive on the Go, we practice what we teach. As such, we have been exercising our expertise muscle for nearly two decades.

We are pleased to announce that our own AnGele Cade was named the Orange County 2020 President’s Award Winner by the Connected Women of Influence. Each year, this association recognizes extraordinary achievement in 12 Nomination categories. It is an honor indeed!

This award comes at the same time we are celebrating 18 years in business! After more than 15,000 entrepreneurs and businesses served, Executive on the Go has become a leader in business formation.

There is no shortcut to become an expert. And that means public recognition is both humbling and rewarding.

Create A Plan for Professional Development

Rather than pursuing classes based on inspiration, create a plan.

What areas of expertise can be tied to a business goal of increased customers, increased pay per hour, or new products and services? From there, you can design a learning plan tied directly to business and revenue growth.

Are you ready to plan a productive, authority-building, and successful new year? Here’s to a successful 2021!

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